We will help defend your right to fish in Minnesota.



Heartland Chapter
Melrose Area
P.O. Box 296
Melrose, MN 56352


  Our Heartland Chapter meets the 3rd Monday of each month from November- April. Our group takes pride in its effort to promote fishing, both spearing and angling, by taking other people along, particularly the young and elderly, lobbying for the sport, and providing good fellowship among all fishing people.

  Our group is dedicated to monitor the activities of our state regulators and to assure our spearing and angling practice receives equal, non–discriminatory consideration when new or continued regulations are considered.

  We are committed to working with the Fisheries Division of the DNR. We are committed to protecting and preserving our sport and historical rights for all people and for all times, while promoting the responsible use of our renewable fishery resources.

  There is an increasing interest in the sport as fisher people are appreciating the simplicity of the sport.


- Heartland Chapter organized 2004 -

Cover areas of: Albany, Freeport, Greenwald, Grey Eagle,

Long Prairie, Melrose, Sauk Centre